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2012-12-23 11:01 am
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The Boy Wonders: A Tribute to all Robins

Making fangirls squeal since 1940 ;)

Source: via Mikey on Pinterest

Dick Grayson wants a hug
by ~gabzillaz on deviantART

Dick Grayson just wants hugs.

Rock meB/c why not/// Have some Jason Todd.

Jason Todd's an ass. But a hot one ;)

Batman: Tim Drake AU
by *dauntingfire on deviantART

Here's a hot AU where Tim Drake, instead of being a geeky neurotic detective, is Selina's con man. I'll be in my bunk.

Dick and Jason
by ~SONIA04 on deviantART

The good ol' days of Disco Nightwing. *Sniffs*

Become- Dick + Damian
by ~none-of-the-sort on deviantART

I still call Damian "the little spawn" but...he must respect Grayson enough to follow him.

Note to self: if you are feeling blue then I recommend putting on a cape and mask and "Robining" for a few hours.